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Auto Warranty | Auto Warranty Company US Direct Protect

Auto Warranty

One of the most expensive parts of maintaining your vehicle is paying for car repairs. The average cost for repairing a vehicle right now is around $100 per hour and this does not include any parts or further diagnostics which can quickly raise your bill. It is not uncommon to see repair bills in excess of 4,000 to 5,000 dollars, especially with the advancement of electronics built into our vehicles these days. Here are a few estimates of common repairs performed; getting a replacement engine costs around $2,500. Having a rebuilt transmission put in will cost you $3,500, and getting your air conditioning serviced or repaired can cost you up to $1,500. With these high costs, it is invaluable that you select a comprehensive auto warranty policy that will have you covered during these unexpected times.

There are four types of warranties offered for vehicles. New Car Bumper to Bumper Auto Warranty , used car warranty, older car warranty, and the power train warranty. A new car warranty covers all breakdowns except items that are considered scheduled maintenance and wear items. This would include brakes, exhaust, hoses, light bulbs, and tires. A used car warranty will cover all labor and parts in the event that a major mechanical or electrical component of your vehicle breaks. This includes engine, transmission, drive axle, steering, A/C, and suspension to name a few. An older car warranty covers the most expensive part of your vehicle, such as the engine, transmission and drive axle. You do have the option of adding more parts and options to the warranty plan. Keep in mind this will also raise your premium for that warranty. Finally, the power train warranty covers any failure or breakdown of your vehicle’s major mechanical items, such as the engine, transmission, seals, and water pumps.

A few things to keep in mind when purchasing your warranties as each type of warranty and warranty company have different terms and conditions. Some question you will want to know before purchasing the warranty is how much is your deductible. Often warranty companies will have deductible that you must cover on the repairs that need to be done. Another condition you need to know is exactly what is covered, the company should list out on the contract everything they will cover and will not cover. The last thing you want is to find out a certain repair will not be covered and you will be stuck paying to full cost for it. Finally, find out if that warranty provided is accepted nationwide, as some of the warranty companies may only be valid in a region or certain state. So it is important to know your deductible, the exact parts covered, and what the companies warranty coverage area includes.

There are some things a car owner can do to possibly reduce the cost of car repairs or the likelihood of your vehicle breaking down. Consistently changing your oil helps keep your engine clean and lubricated, which is vital to maintaining an efficient, smooth running engine and will reduce the potential for engine failure. Changing your timing belt at manufacturer recommended intervals is another key maintenance item, the will help reduce the chance of damaging pistons and valves. Having your brake checks at regular intervals is another important action, as doing this will prevent expensive rotor or drum replacement. Finally, replacing your spark plugs and filters are one of the most important things you can do regularly that will extend the life of your car. Doing this will help prevent damage to the catalytic converter, which can lead to failed emissions test. As you can see, just performing some simple car maintenance can save you from a few headaches later on down the road.

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