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When purchasing a new or used vehicle from a dealership, there is always an option to purchase an Extended Car Warranty. A warranty will always come with a new vehicle and is included in its original list price. In most cases, a car extended warranty is sold as a separate item and makes a promise to pay for some services or repairs. Typically, service contracts are relatively high add-on profits and can cost up to $1,000 beyond the price of the vehicle. If you are hoping to get that additional coverage, it is pretty easy to negotiate the cost of the extended warranty.

In most cases, the service contract will in fact reiterate the details of the warranty coverage that comes from the particular dealer. The following are some helpful questions that you should ask when deciding on a particular extended car warranty: does the dealer or company support the service contract? If for some reason the company happens to go out of business, how are these claims handled? Is it possible to choose between several dealers, or are you forced to work exclusively with one particular dealer? In the event that your vehicle breaks down, or if you are out of town, is the car covered? Lastly, is it essential to show prior authorization before any subsequent repairs take place? When it comes to repairs on clutches or brakes, these are typically not covered in most service contracts. You, as the buyer, need to be on the lookout for potential pitfalls, which means keeping your eye out for any rules in the policy that deny coverage for a number of reasons. If for any reason, you do not keep up with the routine work or maintenance, then the contract may become voided.

When deciding on the right car extended warranty, you should determine how long you have kept your cars in the past. For example, if you happen to only keep cars around for three years or so, then you may just utilize the factory warranty. You have the option to purchase the extended warranty within the time frame that you are still under the factory warranty, yet most companies will require cash as the only acceptable means of payment. If you are looking to finance at lower rates, you must take advantage of this option at the time of purchase.

It is useful to understand that extended warranties are sometimes offered during the initial sale, or perhaps shortly after. A lot of similar considerations that have been discussed surrounding extended warranties apply to consumer goods as well. The major difference, however, has to do with the fact that most vendors of consumer products have different companies than the actual manufacturer of the item in question. Finding the right car extended warranty is a task worth preparing for effectively, which means knowing exactly which company will stand behind the warranty in question. What is their track record? Is there a company that is more reliable?

Many interested parties fail to realize that the extended warranty on a vehicle is much like an insurance product, in the manner that the customer is paying a premium, currently, with the notion that their company that they have picked will have to perform whatever repairs are promised based on the agreement. According to most states, there are regulations in place to ensure that warranty companies comply with their agreements, which often means maintaining their ability to pay on all of the associated claims.
Extended warranties can appear under a myriad of product names, so it is important for the buyer to understand the company, which means seeking out its history, making sure it has all of the proper licensure, and uncovering whatever additional relevant information that might be pertinent. It is never a good idea to be pushed into purchasing an extended car warranty, as there will be plenty of opportunities at a later time to purchase it if needed.

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