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FAQ's | Auto Warranty Company US Direct Protect


The following is a list of questions and answers that should satisfy any issues you might have with respect to an extended service contract.

1. How is the deductible applied? Per item, per repair visit, etc.?

Your deductible is applied per repair visit.. This means that regardless of the number of items that need repair, you will only pay your deductible once per repair visit. You may also select a $200.00 deductible option on certain plans if you would like additional savings when you purchase your service agreement.

2. What do I do when I experience a problem with my vehicle? How is a claim processed? Where can I go to have my vehicle repaired?

Take your vehicle to any dealership or (ASE certified) repair facility of your choice.

  • Allow the repair facility to diagnose your vehicle
  • Have the repair facility contact the claims center at a toll-free number that is provided to you on the contract.
  • The claims center will authorize all covered repairs, less your deductible, if any.
  • Once the repairs are done to your satisfaction, the claims department will pay the repair facility with a corporate credit card. In some cases only you can be reimbursed by the claims department. Please see your service contract policy for specific details.
3. How do I know you will be around to take care of my claims in the future?

US Direct Protect gives all premiums that we collect are deposited into a premium reserve account that is regulated by the government. These monies are kept in reserve for the sole purpose of paying future claims. You can feel secure knowing that your claims will be taken care of for the life of your service agreement. In addition, all US Direct Protect plans are Insured by Insurance Companies. This means that in case US Direct Protect should ever go out of business, our insurer providers will step in to handle all claims protecting you for the life of your agreement.

4. When does my service agreement become effective?

For Vehicles without one (1) month and one thousand (1,000) miles remaining on their manufacturer service contract, Your Effective Date is 1 month and 1,000 miles from your VSA Issue Date. For all other Vehicles with more than one (1) month and one thousand (1,000) miles remaining on their manufacturer service contract, Your Effective Date is the VSA Issue Date.

5. Is my service agreement renewable? Is my service agreement transferable?

Yes, you may renew your agreement providing that your vehicle meets our current underwriting guidelines. You also have the option of transferring your service agreement to private party at any time during its term..

6. What options are available for me to pay for my service agreement? Do you have an “easy payment” plan?

We accept PayPal -American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, money orders or personal checks. We also offer an “easy payment” and other plan options. Or easy payment via credit card (a small monthly fee applies).

7. I understand that US Direct Protect is a service contract broker. Who am I actually purchasing the service contract from?

US Direct Protect is a licensed broker of extended auto service contracts and represents the major direct insured service contract companies. We negotiate the best price and coverage for you with the actual service contract provider. You are actually purchasing your service contract directly from the service contract company.

US Direct Protect does not process or pay for any claims. These matters are handled by your service contract company. You are actually purchasing the service contract directly from the service contract provider you’ve selected and any claims should be directed to their claims department. Please keep the service contract company claims phone number provided in your vehicle in the event you need to have repairs done.

By purchasing a service contract through US Direct Protect no contract is made between you, the purchaser and US Direct Protect. US Direct Protect does not agree to and is not liable for payment of any claims and is not liable or responsible for the actions or business operations of any service contract company.

8. What is Wear and Tear coverage?

Wear and Tear coverage means that parts do not have to break for you to be covered. Should a part or component wear out prematurely it is covered. Wear is defined as “can no longer perform the function for which it was designed solely because of its condition”.

When the part or component has worn beyond the manufacturer’s tolerances allowed for a particular vehicle at the mileage when the problem occurs the part or component is covered.

Parts that are considered “normal maintenance” parts are not covered under a Wear and Tear option. These would be items like brake pads, shoes, drums or rotors, and manual clutches.

9. Will a service contract pay for a problem that the vehicle has when I get the service contract?

Extended service contracts are not meant to cover problems that exist with a vehicle at the time the service contract is obtained. Such problems are called “pre-existing” conditions, and service contract companies do not approve claims for them.. Whether a problem is a pre-existing condition is determined by the repair facility or the service contract company.