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US Direct Protect Car Warranty


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Auto Warranty Road


Car service contract, also known as extended car warranty, is not really a warranty at all as defined by the federal law. It is actually an insurance policy wherein your car repair will be shouldered by the manufacturer, dealer or an independent company. The cost of the said contract varies depending on the car model, quality (brand new or used) and the span of time it will cover. The extended car warranty may be purchased by the time you have bought your vehicle. It will be offered by the dealer along with other warranties that you may need. But you have to be careful in availing such warranty from the dealer himself for their prices are 400-500% higher compared to the direct and legitimate warranty office.

You must take note that you have to review the company’s terms and conditions in order for you to be sure that the coverage may really be used or you will just be wasting your money. Some companies are not really honest when it comes to such policy because the span of the warranty does not really include the time where damages will be really experienced. For example, you have brought your car right now and the coverage of your extended warranty is just 3 years. Damages do not usually occur at an early stage and so why do you have to bother getting such policy if you cannot even use it? So you have to be sure that the span of time includes the time where damages usually occur. You must also check its coverage so you will be sure that it will be useful to you and your vehicle.

Availing extended car warranty is advantageous only if you will carefully review the company you are dealing with. Benefits await if you have chosen the best auto service contract.

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