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VEHICLE WARRANTY BLOG | Auto Warranty Company US Direct Protect - Part 10

Protect Your Hoopty, Extended Auto Warranty for Peace of Mind

There is absolutely no trade for having peace of mind. Nothing beats being able to lay down at night and close your eyes knowing that your cars are covered by auto warranties that will do what they promise. Knowing that your car warranties are provided by a company who will back up their claims gives you the satisfaction that you have made the right choice.


The promise we make is not just empty, hollow words. It is backed by a guarantee and a track record of excellence. The auto warranties you receive are guaranteed to fulfill the promises, and we carry through to make sure you are completely satisfied with our car warranties.


You will be pleased with the care and service you receive with our auto warranties. Our trained professionals will make sure that your car warranties are a good fit for your needs. We will be able to provide levels of coverage that work for you with a level of excellence that is unmatched. Our agents will listen to your needs and match a plan that suits you and your autos.


Various levels of coverage are available for you to choose, so you won’t be paying for coverage you do not want or need. You can choose a plan that ensures you will not get stuck with huge repair bills to pay out of your own pocket. When discussing with our agents what you need, they will be able to suggest the coverages that fit exactly within the scope of your warranty needs.

You will be able to choose from coverages such as:

(a) Bumper to bumper coverage
(b) Rental car coverage
(c) Roadside assistance
(d) Powertrain coverage


US Direct Protect can offer comprehensive auto warranties at affordable prices by working directly with insurance companies, not through auto dealerships who would need to add their high commissions to your cost. We can assure you the lowest cost for your coverage due to the numbers of customers for which we are able to provide warranties. Our specialists are people of integrity who help our customers get the coverage they want at a price they can afford.

Auto Warranties

Auto Warranties

After purchasing a new car one of the options in front of you may be to buy an auto warranty. The next natural question is” are car warranties really necessary?” The answer is, it all depends on what you are getting the warranty for. As with anything that requires putting down a lot of money, it is important to do proper research and getting all the facts straight before signing on the dotted line. In a nut shell auto warranties are an understanding between you, the owner and the warranty company, which states that the warranty company will pay for any repairs for a fixed amount of time. In its early days car warranties were usually given either by the manufacturer or the dealer. Not so anymore. There are many online based warranty companies today to choose from.

warranties are a type of insurance that will cover specific parts of the car. A car warranty will protect the owner from huge costs that come with certain types of repairs or replacements. The amount of coverage offered can vary greatly from one company to the other. There are basically 2 different types of warranties. Break down warranties and wear and tear warranties. As the name suggests breakdown warranties will cover parts that break and wear and tear warranties will cover parts that have worn out over time.

Car warranties can be taken for both new and old cars. The fact is that major repairs, especially on certain types of cars, can cost a lot of money nowadays and it is only getting more expensive as time goes by. Ultimately it is about peace of mind for the owner. It is the peace of mind knowing that if a major component breaks down, there will little or no expenses out of the owner’s pocket. The following are some of the most common auto warranties available today.