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VEHICLE WARRANTY BLOG | Auto Warranty Company US Direct Protect - Part 8

Auto Warranties Scams – Beware of Rip-offs!

Auto Warranties Scams – Beware of Rip-offs!

Familiar with auto warranties? Then extended auto warranty scams would not be really out of your purview. Providing extended auto warranties is a legitimate practice however there have been many known incidences of rip-offs, fraudulent dealings and scams that are related to vehicle service contracts and auto warranties.

If you have had a chance to check out auto warranty companies at some point ointime (may be when you wanted an extended car warranty for your used car for example) you may have come across companies that appeared to be quite elusive in their undertakings. Whether it was the correspondence and continuous persuasion via telephone, emails or even texts or may be simply promising a too-good-to-be-true vehicle warranty. Whatever they did and however they dealt with you, it made you feel uncomfortable and of course not that lucrative. So are the vehicle warranties they offer worth to giveaway your savings for? Well, the question is a complicated one and of course you would be mislead by a very charming vehicle warranties guy who just want to get the ‘best’ car warranty policy for your car. But don’t you be impressed too much by the persona of the guy, he’s paid to be like that and trap more innocent customers.

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So in an industry where (trust us) it will get hard to separate authentic vehicle warranties from the rip-offs. And for that you need to have a little bit more know-how of the companies offering extended vehicle warranties and a lot of judgment. Also don’t forget to analyze their marketing strategy and have a yardstick to measure different traits such as marketing techniques, customer service, past record, reputation, online presence (is it a spammy website or a registered one).

Also check if the vehicle warranties providers have multiple complaints on the BBB. In case you have been ripped-off by any chance – don’t panic! US laws and federal warranty laws are there to protect you and get your money back safely. If you’re suspecting a foul play in your deal, report to the Federal Trade Union immediately so that timely action can be taken.

Another source of vehicle warranties to be wary of is the dealership. You never know what they might sell you in the name of extended vehicle warranty just to get their numbers rolling. And of course, the dealership is primarily a car seller ant a not an extended auto warranty or vehicle warranty providers, there is a huge difference between the two and the products that are in question.

Other violation of the vehicle warranty contracts can be easily (sometimes not so easily) pursued in the court and a favorable result will definitely come out. Just keep all your important vehicle warranties documents and papers handy.

US Direct Protect Is Slashing It`s Rates To Undercut The Market

Sometimes for peace of mind, individuals need to buy an extended car warranty. These warranties can take over when the factory warranty expires. Most dealers have these warranties available for purchase. The extended warranties are usually available for a certain period of time and have a list of repairs that are covered. These repairs are those that usually cover the major parts of the car such as the engine, drive train, exhaust system and others.

One website that offers a number of extended warranties is www.usdirectprotect.com. This website has a number of warranties for the consumer and has an outstanding reputation with the Better Business Bureau. This company is one that has stood the test of time. They have a number of warranties available for your vehicle. One can never be too careful with a major purchase like a vehicle and an extended warranty can help to keep your vehicle from costing the owner large amounts of money.

An extended auto warranty is something that can protect the purchase of an automobile. Another company that is worth taking a look at in terms of vehicle coverage is www.carservicecontract.com. This is another company that does a good job of covering a vehicle after an initial warranty has expired. This company offers extended service contracts on the vehicle and has over 11,000 contracts to offer. They are also one of the companies that has great customer service to offer. it also has an A rating, and will cover major repairs to the vehicle in question.

It is important to have the vehicle covered by an extended warranty particularly if one has an older used vehicle that is well past the manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties can be great things to have in the case of major engine failure. They are quite affordable and if the owner can have the advantage of working with a company that has a good reputation, so much the better.

Especially in today’s economy, having major car problems are something that individuals can ill afford. It really pays to have an extended car warranty that will protect a person or family from having to pay repairs on their vehicle, so consider an extended warranty on the next vehicle purchase.